Return Policy

Returns must be made within 7 days and with original receipt. All return items must be in unopened and in good condition.

Acceptable returns beyond 7 days are subject to a 15% restock charge.

Acceptable returns without a receipt are refunded in the amount based on cash price and are subject to a 15% restock charge.

Check or store credit will be provided for purchases made by cash, debit card, or check; unless return is 4 days from the issued check date and/or exceeds $300.00, then a refund check will be issued within 10 days.

Returns on produce must be received within 24 hours of the purchase date. Product with a “Sell by” or “Expiration” or “Best Use by” date must be returned 2 days prior to that date regardless of the 7 days policy.

Credit Card Purchases will be credited back to the same card used.

To redeem store credit; purchase amount must be greater than or equal to transaction balance.

If Store Credit is issued: Lost Store Credit cannot be replaced.